Job Searching in Canada: Skills and Tips (加国求职技巧及要诀)

It is not an easy task for both local and international students to find an ideal job in Vancouver. Aside from English fluency, volunteer experience, and good networking, a tailored resume, cover letter, and professional interview skills are also essential to job hunting. In this article, we will discuss skills and tips relating to resumes & CVs.

Resume (履历表)

A resume is a document which portrays an individual’s experiences and strengths. It is usually two pages in length. A well-written resume can greatly increase the chance of an interview. Even if you have just graduated and lack work experience, do not be discouraged. To make a good resume to promote yourself, there are many places you may need to pay attention to. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Only mention work-related information and experience: do not add personal information such as photos, marital status, gender, height, or weight.
  • 只要列出跟申请工作有关的资料及经验: 不必加上个人资料如: 相片、婚姻状况、 男 、 女、身高或体重。

  • Let the employer know that you are the suitable candidate for the job: a simple statement of your career goals and expectations and list of relevant work experience (newly graduated students can list summer jobs, internships, or learning experience).
  • 让僱主很快知道你是合适人选: 简单陈述你的职业目标及期望,列出相关工作经验 (刚毕业学生可列出暑期工、实习或学内活动经验)

  • List not only what you did, but also your outstanding results.
  • 不要只列工作职务,还要列出工作上的优秀表现及可量化的成绩。

Cover Letter (求职信)

A cover letter introduces an individual’s job application. The purpose of a cover letter is to convince employers to accept the application and/or to schedule an interview with the job applicant. Not only is a well-written resume important to get you an interview, a good cover letter is equally important. The cover letter is a good opportunity to showcase your relevant qualifications and strengths. It can attract the employer to select you for an interview. Here are some tips for writing a cover letter:

  • Introduction: the preceding paragraph cover letter is best to write the recipient's name and title, the first paragraph of your letter should clearly set out your objectives.
  • 首段: 求职信上款最好能写上收信人的姓名及职衔,第一段要清楚列出你的来信目的。

  • Content:  Emphasize your work performance, talk about main points and avoid lengthy paragraphs (newly graduated students can talk about their internship or volunteer experience). Avoid repeating all of the information on your resume.
  • 内容: 简述你的工作表现,只列重点避免长篇大论 (刚毕业学生可列出实习或义工经验): 不要重複履历表上所有的资料。

  • Conclusion: Encourage your employer to contact you for an interview; repeat your contact information.
  • 尾段: 鼓励对方联络你,给你面试机会,并重複你的联络资料。
Dr. Ziggy Hui’s Profile (许劲松博士 - 个人简介)

Dr. HUI (许劲松先生) ,英国列斯特大学「商务经济学学士」毕业,持英国著名巴斯大学「资讯系统及管理学硕士」学位,并於加拿大著名西门菲莎大学取得「教育博士」学位及「学术成就勳章」 。Ziggy 於英国、中国香港及加拿大居住多年,能操流利英语、国语、及粤语。Ziggy 现职「经纬」资深就业、教育、及移民安顿服务首席顾问,亦为卑诗省「认證职业发展执行师」、「卑诗省持牌职业仲介」及美国颁授「身心语言程式学执行师」资格。Ziggy 从事教育及职业培训逾 20 年,在大温服务新移民及留学生逾 10 载,直至今已为逾千人寻找到新工作及以师友计划为超过 300 多名新移民及留学生配对本地专业人仕。Ziggy 於本拿比铁路镇 "丽晶广场 - 办公大楼" (Crystal Office Tower, Metrotown) 开设「经纬翻译认证中心」为大温新移民、留学生及本地华侨,提供一站式服务平台。


- Doctor of Education (EdD, SFU) in Educational Leadership, graduated from Simon Fraser University

- Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) registered by B.C. CDA, Canada since 2011

- Appointed as a qualified Commissioner for Taking Affidavits in British Columbia (CTA.B.C.)

- Licensed Employment Agencies (EAL.B.C.), issued by Ministry of Jobs, Tourism & Skills Training

- Competent Communicator Award (CCA), issued by Toastmasters International, Vancouver

- Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) registered by the American Board of NLP

- Member of British Columbia Career Development Association (BCCDA), B.C. Canada

- Permitted Teacher Registered by Hong Kong Education & Manpower Bureau SAR, Hong Kong

Dr. King Chung (Ziggy) Hui receives Dean's Convocation Medal 2016

#316-4538 Kingsway (Crystal Office Tower) Burnaby BC V5H 4T9 CA            
Tel: 604-563-1011      Email:

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We have a professional and knowledgeable team. Our team consists of: Commissioner of Oaths, BC Translators Association (STIBC) member(s), Statutory Interpretation Commissioner of BC Courts, ICBC automotive insurance authorized translator(s), Simon Fraser University Doctorate Professor, Immigration settlement consultant(s), and Senior Employment Consultant(s). We provide service in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.


We strive to provide a “one-stop” certified/notarized translation service to our customers in Vancouver. We want to ensure our customers do not need to run from place to place for their documents; providing them convenience, a peace of mind, and confidence.


Goals (目标)

Employment Consulting (就业面谈)
One-on-one employment counselling includes: review of resume, cover letter, and mock interviews. (Remarks: Employment counselling is a scheduled appointment service and our professional rate is calculated by the hour.)
经纬提供一对一就业辅导: 包括检视求职信及履历表,提供模拟面试,事後检讨…等 (备註: 就业面谈是一项预约服务,以每小时收费。)

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